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Exercise DANEX 06
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25. November 2015



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Read about the exercise coming to an end
9/13/2006 12:13
After 10 days of intensive training the naval exercise, DANEX 06, has come to an end. During the night the participating units sailed into port.
Read about Fleet commanders inspected DRO-exercise
9/12/2006 16:27
The disaster relief operation at Hvims Monday was visited by two fleet commanders and one commodore.
read about Screams of terror and burning buildings
9/12/2006 08:44
Everything is chaos in the port of Hvims.
See where the ships are today
9/12/2006 00:05
Here you can see, where the ships participating in DANEX 06 are located today.
Read about help on the beach
9/11/2006 16:59
Jerup Srand is the starting point for the assistance the DANEX force provides to the province North Vendia that is struck by disaster.
Read about the "hurricane"
9/11/2006 13:10
The hurricane Hercules has hit the province North Vendia and a naval force is tasked to assist. Helicopters can see that help is badly needed.