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18. September 2014



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Candidates for replacement of Danish Defence maritime helicopter 

2011-09-07 update:

Updated timeline for the Danish Maritime Helicopter acquisition program.

According to previous published timeline, DALO was to start negotiations with remaining companies at the end of September. Due to a postponement in the decision making process this milestone is moved approximately two months.

DALO now expects to have a decision in place at the end of November and start negotiations in December.


Danish Defence and Logistics Organization (DALO) has received replies from possible candidates for replacement of the Lynx maritime helicopters, currently in service with the Danish Defence.

Three candidates
The three proposals were received on the 28 January as replies to the DALO Request for Proposal (RFP) part 1 issued 30 September 2010. The following contractors have replied with their helicopter proposals:

  • EUROCOPTER - AS565 MB (Panther). Operational in the French Navy
  • AgustaWestland - AW-159 (Wildcat). Going into production for the Royal Army/Navy
  • US Navy - MH-60R (Seahawk). Operational in the United States Navy

However, it has not yet been determined whether the received proposals meet the requirements of the RFP part 1 conditions for compliance. A thorough evaluation of the proposals will determine this matter.

The planned acquisition procedure
In accordance with the established acquisition procedure required additional information will be summoned by the issuing of the RFP part 2, which is planned to be issued by the end of February. The deadline for RFP part 2 replies is by the end of May 2011.

The RFT part 2 contains amongst other things clarifying questions to the RFP part 1 replies. Hereafter the final evaluation will take place over the next 3-4 months.