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07. august 2020




A championship begins 
This week, the Nordic Military Shooting Championships, are conducted at Borris Barracks.
27-08-2019 - kl. 11:06

It is a warm day in Borris. Only a hint of a breeze makes the flags move. The flags stand side by side. The Danish, the Norwegian, the Swedish and the Finish. The Nordic Countries. A strong union in a world where many unions part, and few emerge. As a symbol that the Nordic countries stand together – but ready to compete at this event. There is a casual sense of occasion. Some are in their PT gear, some are in dress uniform. Most of them know each other from prior competitions. Last year the Nordic Military Shooting Championship was in Finland, and next year it will be in Norway. There are about 96 participants of which approximately 80 are shooters. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses at the range. Just like the Nordic Countries, we know each other, and because of that, we can hold a respect and a fondness of each other, that makes us able to withstand forces of divisiveness. We are equal but we are not the same. We are different people but we are Nordic. The shooters are different, but have a common ability to tune out the world around them, and focus on the task at hand. And just be where they are.

The four nations have fought battles between us. Our languages are different, but the conversation persists. The curiosity, and the willingness to talk, and to listen, is what makes the union. To find common ground. They make an effort to understand and to be understood. And that begins with the language.

Eventually they all change into dress uniform. It is a warm day. And the opening ceremony begins. Competition Director, sergeant first class Gitte Vinther presents the parade to the commander of the Jutland Dragoons Regiment, colonel Anders Poulsen. In his speech he said: “I find the shooting championship to be one of the most important competitions. It is indeed one of the most important military skills a soldier should be familiar with. No matter where you serve as a soldier. […] I hope you will conduct the competition in mutual respect and with professionalism. I am confident, that you all represent these values”.

After the parade, the delegations proceeded to the welcoming reception.

Over the next three days they will shoot and socialise.

Good luck all!