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Great Belt Vessel Traffic Service
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21. February 2019



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Facts on VTS Great Belt 

The fixed link crossing Great Belt is the most important traffic link between east and west Denmark.

The traffic link must not be disrupted, it is therefore guarded day and night from the VTS Centre situated in Korsør.

VTS Great Belt:
Vessel Traffic Service Great Belt - is the radarsystem guarding the area 12 nautical miles north and south of the Great Belt bridge line.

The purpose of the VTS surveilance is to assist the shipping in their passage of the Great Belt bridges and to prevent the bridges from collisions with the passing ships.

The East bridge:
The East Bridge spanning Østerrenden (the Eastern Channel) is a suspension bridge, which connects the Island of Sprogø and Sjælland.
The connection spans rest on two foundations on shore, two anchor blocks and 19 bridge piers, 12 towards Sjælland and 7 towards Sprogø. The bridge piers are numbered from 2 to 26 starting from Sjælland.
In the navigation span between the two bridge towers (pylons), Nos. 16 and 17, a traffic separation scheme is established, cf. annex 1. The free vertical clearance is 65 metres at mean sea level. The entrance to the Northbound and the southbound traffic routes is marked with a racon.

The West bridge:
The West Bridge spanning Vesterrenden (the Western Channel) is a low-level combined road- and railwaybridge connecting the islands of Fyn and Sprogø. It rests on 62 bridge piers.
The vertical clearance in the navigational fairway is maximum 18 metres.

Østerrenden between Sprogø and Sjælland is classified as an international shipping route, the "T-route" or "Route Tango".

Vesterrenden between Fyn and Sprogø is classified as danish teritorial waters.

All ships with an airdraught of more that 18 metres and/or a Grosstonnage of more than 1000 GT skibe shall pass under the East bridge.

Approx. 25.000 ships passes the VTS area each year.

Approx. 98 pct. of the passing ships are reporting to VTS when they enter the VTS area.