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21. February 2019



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Stop Oil Spills 

Stop Oil Spills bannerSOK (HQ of the Royal Danish Navy) is responsible for preventing or minimizing oil pollution damage to the marine environment, natural resources and recreational areas on coastlines and beaches.

Alertness on the part of yachtsmen and commercial mariners is an important addition to SOK’s own naval, aircraft and satellite surveillance. All commercial fleet vessels are obliged to report any sightings of oil of chemicals in Danish territorial waters. And, of course, we are always grateful if you as a private individual help us to make our surveillance even more effective.

SOK has established a direct, 24-hour line for this purpose. The number is +45 8943 3099 and we are always ready to receive your oil sightings. On receiving your call, the duty officer assesses and prioritizes your report, and decides whether to send a ship or reconnaissance aircraft to the area to confirm and assess the pollution.