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Forsvarets mærke
27. November 2015



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Read comments by Captain P.F. Hansens
9/16/2008 06:25
After two hectic weeks at sea with hard work and many challenging tasks the DANEX exercise is now over.
Read about the dramatic final of exercise DANEX 08
9/16/2008 05:20
Exercise DANEX 08 ended with an extensive operation to save the hostages on board the ship that was hijacked more than a week ago.
Read about a busy night during the final phase of DANEX o8
9/15/2008 14:30
It has been a busy night for the ships participating in DANEX 08. And there are still many challenges before the exercise is over.
Read about the final phase of DANE08 coming up
9/14/2008 19:50
Tonight DANEX 08 moves into the final phase. Now the ships really will be tested in an exercise where – almost – everything can happen!
Read about the busy galley
9/14/2008 18:21
With lots of guests on board during DANEX 08 everybody is busy on ESBERN SNARE. That certainly also goes for the galley.
Read about the Danish Frogman Corpse freeing a hostage
9/14/2008 15:30
It was a part of DANEX 08 when the Danish Frogman Corps on the night between Friday and Saturday freed a hostage held by pirates.
Read about smuggler hunting
9/13/2008 22:30
An important tool for investigating whether a merchant vessel is carrying smuggler goods is to go on board and have a look.
Read about mine detonation
9/13/2008 18:15
A gigantic column of water rose in Sejerø Bight when the mine clearance vessel STØREN yesterday detonated a mine.
Read about fast-roping
9/12/2008 22:05
By means of a helicopter and a rope it is possible to get quickly on board a ship. The technique is called fast-roping and it is also trained during DANEX 08.
Read about FR Aviation UK in DANEX 08
9/12/2008 19:05
The ship’s surveillance radar can be jammed so that the operator doesn’t see an approaching aircraft. During DANEX 08 this kind of warfare is also practiced.