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16. January 2019



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Sale of 3 ea. Icebreakers and Spare Parts

Class Notation; DNV 1A1 Icebreaker


Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization hereby present the three Danish Government Icebreakers THORBJOERN (1980); Length 67.55 m, Beam; 15.30 m, Displacement; 2,482 t. - ISBJOERN (1966) and DANBJOERN (1965) - each; Length 77.15 m, Beam; 17.30 m, Displacement; 3,887 and 3,890 t. - and associated Spare Parts which are for sale.

The Icebreakers a
re for sale to buyer for further operational use - separately or in a package.

Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization
invite potential buyers to inspect the Icebreakers and to participate in the process of making an offer on THORBJOERN, ISBJOERN and DANBJOERN.

Please note that the final date for Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization receipt of offers is; Thursday the 21st. May 2015 (please contact Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization for information on the procedure for submitting of offers).

Potential buyers inspection of the Icebreakers and spare parts can take place by prior appointment only.

The Icebreakers
are generally in a good and operational condition. The high level of maintenance and
low frequency of use of the Icebreakers have contributed to their fine state. All Icebreakers are in Classification Society; Det Norske Veritas (DNV)


1A1 ICEBREAKER (Laid Up status) for the sale to buyer.

The Icebreakers were built and completed for the Danish Government. DANBJOERN, ISBJOERN are both “Sister Vessels” of the “DANBJOERN” Class and almost identical. The newer and lighter THORBJOERN was completed later and differs from the two. They were all designed to meet the requirements of the Danish Maritime Agency and the Det Norske Veritas. DANBJOERN and ISBJOERN were additionally designed for World Wide Services.

THORBJOERN, ISBJOERN and DANBJOERN initially served the Danish Icebreaking Service and later the Royal Danish Navy. Their operations were keeping seaway passages ice free and ensuring regular and safe passage of ships in the Danish waters and major ports. DANBJOERN assisted the Swedish authorities in icebreaking activities in the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia on one occasion. 

THORBJOERN was constructed in the beginning of the 1980’ies at the time of increased focus and awareness on hazardous material hereunder asbestos. THORBJERN is to Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization best knowledge built without asbestos. In 2007 - 2008 DANBJOERN and ISBJOERN went through an intensive program of abatement of asbestos by removal or encapsulation.

The Icebreakers were all formally decommissioned in the beginning of 2013 due to a government decision to cease government operated icebreaking activities. THORBJOERN, ISBJOERN and DANBJOERN were taken out of service in the period from 2010 to 2013 (now in DNV Laid Up status – and they are annually surveyed by the “Det Norske Veritas” - latest survey was performed in December 2013).

The Icebreakers are located at their homeport - Naval Base Frederikshavn, Denmark, where potential buyers inspection of the Icebreakers shall take place.

For general specifications including a preview of the on the Icebreakers, please see the “General Specifications and Preview” in the menu on the right hand side.

The Icebreakers shall be sold in competition, Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization is looking for the most favorable deal or combination of deals. Please note that the Icebreakers shall be subject to “prior sale“.

For further information on Icebreakers, process of sale hereunder any pre-qualification, inspection, terms and conditions etc., please do not hesitate to contact Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization Sales Manager, Mr. Jesper Bo Nielsen, Phone Direct Line: + 45 7281 6065, Mobile: + 45 4119 6031 or E-mail;