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Exercise Loyal Mariner 2005
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29. November 2015



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A Dane giving the orders 
LieutenantCommander Johannes Nordby
In NATO´s Standing NRF Mine Counter Measure Group 1, (SNMCMG1), it is a Danish Lieutenant Commander (LtCdr) who gives the orders about everything from protection against attacks from all dimensions, mine hunting and level of alert.
2005-04-19 - 21:44

LtCdr. Johannes Riber Nordby is the Principal Staff Officer, or in other words chief of staff and the only Dane aboard the Norwegian minelayer HNOMS VIDAR, which is flagship at the moment.

LOYAL MARINER 05 is the second large exercise for the chief of staff, and everything is expected to form a synthesis for SNMCMG 1. While mine hunting, the primary task for the other units in SNMCMG1, NBC, intelligence, logistic, media, etc. is equally important tasks to Johannes Nordby.

It is a lot to do at the same time, but the Dane likes the challenge, and an exercise like LOYAL MARINER 05 provides a good opportunity to train his planning skills. At the same time, the day to day job at SNMCMG 1 provides huge influence on both day to day and future operations.

“This job is a big challenge, that is why I like it”, he says, emphasising the cooperation with other nations in the force as one of the most interesting tasks.

“You get a very good understanding of how operations, tactics and working routines are dealt with by other navies and countries.

Even if two nations have the same class of ship, they might have different patterns of operation and national regulations are often very different. E.g. Dutch divers are not allowed to dive at night - the Danish divers are, therefore our planning differs depending which nationality the ships are,” Johannes Nordby explains.