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17. September 2014


Ships in the ARK Project

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The ARK project 

The ARK project was established in 2003 as a consequence of the Danish commitment to the Prague Capabilities Commitments meeting in November 2002.

It is a German – Danish board that gives the boundaries for the ARK project within the Danish political approval and the German – Danish agreement, while the actual operations is conducted by a small staff at Joint Movement and transportation Organization.
The ships and the economy is separated between the nations and kept apart.

The ships of the ARK project consist of five RoRo ships and they will be delivered until 2012 by DFDS. Four of the ships is on call in a fixed route for DFDS at the North Sea, while the fifth ship is either available for military transports or sub chartered to the civilian marked.

The ships have earlier transported military equipment for England, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Slovakia.

The boundaries has until now been between Northern Norway, Falkland Islands, Tanzania, Pakistan and Iraq. The area of operations is not restricted to any specific area in advance though.

Denmark participates together with 25 other nations in the cooperation at Movement Coordination Centre Europe, where the military sealifts is coordinated.

The political approval of the ARK project has been given by “aktstykke” 137 dated 03 June 2010.
The agreement with Germany has been entered by a Memorandum of Understanding signed June 2009.

The new ARK, which will be fully implemented in the course of 2014, consists of the following ships:


  • SUECIA SEAWAYS (lease back)
  • Two new buildings from P+S Werft, Stralsund.