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19. September 2014



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Ice Breaking 

Ice breaking in Danish waters is generally open for competition, and therefore shipping is responsible for contacting and paying for the requested ice breaking capacity. For help and guidelines for this, Admiral Danish Fleet has an overview on the Danish part of this website, containing possible providers of ice breaking capacities, and contact information.

Shipping can choose to use the overview to contact ship owners for possibly concluding contract for icebreaking. Such contracts shall be concluded on a bilateral basis between the requesting vessel and the icebreaker and is irrelevant to the Danish Ice Service .

To see the overview, click here.

Response areas
Within special appointed areas, named response areas, the Danish Ice Service maintain the possibility to activate icebreaker assistance to shipping from 15 December to 31 March.
Four specific response areas are established as follows:

  • Limfjord West of Aalborg
  • Limfjord between Aalborg and Hals Barre
  • The waters South of Funen
  • Smaalandsfarvandet (waters South of Zealand)

Ships bound for a port in an activated response area, must in due time, report expected time of arrival to the Danish Ice Service, which will coordinate with the icebreaker in the response area.

Contact Admiral Danish Fleet:
Phone: +45 72 85 03 71 or
E-mail: mas@sok.dk

The requesting ship must pay 25% of the hourly rate for actual effective icebreaking within the response area.