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Admiral Danish Fleet
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21. September 2014



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Deployment of Danish naval units for international operations and Standing NATO Naval Forces. Currently: Denmark in command of SNMCMG1 Maritime Assistance Service is on 24-hour alert to deploy rapid assistance and professional support for ships in connection with: Combating pollution, fire and explosions on board, collision, grounding, and maritime security. MAS receives Ship Security Alert System distress calls from Danish and foreign vessels in Danish waters. The Royal Danish Navy is responsible for preventing or minimizing oil pollution damage to the marine environment, natural resources and recreational areas on coastlines and beaches. The Ice breaking service performs Ice breaking and other assistance to shipping when ice condition make ice breaking necesarry. Ships and Material in the Danish Navy Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Denmark is responsible for the coordination of all Search and Rescue (SAR) operations associated with aeronautical and maritime emergencies in Denmark. The primary objective of the VTS is protection on the bridge in Great Belt. Furthermore the VTS is a service designed to improve safety and efficiency of vessel traffic in the VTS area and to protect the environment. The ARK vessels are first and foremost on call for NATO RESPONSE FORCE deployments. Beside of that they are of course on call for German and Danish strategic deployments.