Chief of Defence

The current Chief of Defence is Flemming Lentfer. He holds the rank of general and has been Chief of Defence since December 1. 2020.

CV for Chief of Defence, General Flemming Lentfer


Chief of the Defence Staff

Kenneth Pedersen has been Chief of the Defence Staff since 2019. He holds the rank of lieutenant general and - together with the Chief of Defence – he is part of the high command of the Armed Forces.

CV for Chief of the Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Kenneth Pedersen


Other high-command officers

Chief of Operations Staff: Major General Michael Wiggers Hyldgaard

Chief of Development and Planning Staff: Rear Admiral Frank Trojahn

Commander of the Army: Major General Michael Anker Lollesgaard

Admiral Danish Fleet: Rear Admiral Torben Mikkelsen

Commander of the Air Force: Major General Anders Rex

Commander of Arctic Command (acting): Captain (navy) Dan Termansen

Commander of the Special Operations Forces: Major General Peter Boysen

Head of the High-Command Staff Secretariat: Brigadier General Anders Berg Olesen

Commander of the Royal Danish Defence College: Rear Admiral Henrik Ryberg

Commander of the Danish Defence Maintenance Agency: Commodore Per Hesselberg

Commander of the Danish Armed Forces Health Services: Surgeon General Sten Hulgaard

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