Specialstyrker fra Cameroun træner under under øvelse Obangame Express

Danish special operation Forces train soldiers from West African countries for the fight against piracy. The picture show soldiers from Cameroon going a shore. Photo: Anders V. Fridberg / The Armed Forces

Between 2008 and 2016, the Armed Forces several times deployed ships to the multinational Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Task Force 150 and 151 as well as NATO's anti-piracy Operation Ocean Shield. Denmark several time had the command of both the maritime forces and Operation Ocean Shield.


The Armed Forces also deployed patrol aircrafts to the ​​operations.


Denmark continuously deployes staff officers for the Combined Marine Forces. Three officers are currently deployed.


Capacity building

In addition to deploying ships and aircraft, the Armed Forces has contributed to the fight against piracy by supporting capacity building efforts in East Africa. The capacity building aims at enabling the countries in the region to fight piracy themselves.


Anti-piracy efforts in West Africa

Denmark also contributes to combating piracy in West Africa and in the Gulf of Guinea. Denmark supports the establishment and building of the regional G5 Sahel forces, and the Armed Forces has deployed a maritime adviser to the Royal Danish Embassy in Nigeria.


Danish special operation forces participate in the annual capacity building exercises Flintlock and Obangame Express, both taking place in West Africa. Obangame Express is about training of maritime special forces from the countries in the Sahel and around the Gulf of Guinea.

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