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The aim of the United Military Police Course (UNMILPOC) is to impart such knowledge and attitudes of officers from the Nordic countries and other countries so that he/she is able to perform MP-officer or MP-shift Commander functions in a multinational MP unit within a NATO or UN operational area.


This is done through lectures, orientations and Exercise “Blue Beret”.


Other activities are integrated in the course, such as an official visitors' day, sightseeing, social events and activities concerning the “Gammel Dansk Society”.


The first UNMILPOC was conducted in 1969 at Farum Barracks near Copenhagen with 27 students from the four Nordic countries. In 1975 the course was moved to Aalborg, and since then UNMILPOC has been conducted at Aalborg Barracks. Since 1995, two courses have been conducted annually in April/May and August/September.


The course is designed for around 40 students who are normally split into an officers' class of some 15 and a non commissioned officers' class of some 25 students.


Interested? Please contact: unmilpoc@mil.dk


Upcoming courses

November 8th to November 26th 2021.
Application deadline: October 9th 2021



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